Nonnel Galaviz-Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator, Action Corps

2021 Goldin Global Fellow

Nonnel Galaviz-Johnson, born in St. Louis, Missouri, is a first generation Venezuelan-American on her mother’s side and has always dreamed of returning to her roots in Venezuela. While working towards her degree in Environmental studies from Florida Gulf Coast University, she was heavily engaged in the Southern Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides rent free communal living opportunities to students in financial need. Following a one-year civic design program, Nonnel’s focus on environmental work has transformed into a more intersectional approach with a focus on community engagement. After being introduced to the Gather platform, Nonnel has designed and taught a course called Politics & the Citizens, in collaboration with AJ Nunes-Zaller and Lewis Gopher. She is also heavily involved with Action Corps, a grassroots organization championing global solidarity with those most affected by violent conflict and climate disaster. Nonnel hopes her experiences will lead her back to Venezuela, to work with the communities her mother and family come from.

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