Huffington Post Features: Kony 2012?


HuffPoKonyGoldin Institute Article Featured In Huffington Post

Can the #Kony2012 campaign grow to #rebuilduganda2012?

31MnP2IBWCL. SL500_AA300_.pngWith over 30 million views this week, the super viral Kony 2012 video is clearly raising awareness of the horrors of the LRA in Uganda. But is the Kony 2012 campaign a good idea?

The Goldin Institute is pleased to share this article published in the Huffington Post on March 9, 2012 summarizing our response to the Kony 2012 video and campaign.

Uganda005Whatever happens with Kony and the Kony 2012 campaign, the Goldin Institute will continue our work towards community-driven child soldier reintegration and prevention strategies in Uganda and impacted countries around the world. Far from being invisible, former Child Soldiers are directly engaged in our ongoing work to build a National Partnership for Child Soldier Reintegration and Prevention in Uganda.