On behalf of KOFAVIV, the Commission of Women Victims for Victims, I want to share this update and our appreciation with the global network of partners of the Goldin Institute.  Thanks to your support, I am pleased to report that we have successfully moved more than twenty women who were under immediate threat to safety.

Sadly, there has been a rapid uptick in political and gang-related violence in Port au Prince and across the Caribbean over the last few weeks. In Haiti, communtities and neighborhoods that are already disadvantaged, like Martissant and Grand Ravine, were hit the hardest.  As usual, this violence disproportionally effects women and girls.  As a known center for victims of sexual violence in Haiti, our office was inundated with women and girst seeks refuge from the violence and sexual assualt.  Given that the violence was wide-spread and our lack of space for all of these women at our offices, we needed to take emergency action to relocate the women and girls seeking refuge with us.

[quote]With no good options for providing safe houses in Port au Prince, we turned to our partners in the Goldin Institute’s global network for support in taking quick action to move these women and girls to safety outside the city. Thanks to your support, more than 20 women and girls are now safe.[/quote]

Today, I wanted to share some of their stories with you.  Please note that we have obscured the faces and names for safety.

Haiti0418000bI am 70 years old and I have lived in current neighborhood since 1982 with my 6 children. My oldest child was in the hospital for a life-saving surgery for her kidneys.  On my way home from the hospital, bandits appeared with gunmen shooting in front of me as I neared my home. The bandits had just left my house.


Haiti0417008I have 4 kids and I live in Grand Ravine with my husband. Now I’m going to do everything for the kids because bandits in the area have shot their dad while there was a massacre in the Great Ravine. When it happened, I was going to to the market to sell hypolite fire logs. While I was there, the bandits came to the market with their weapons and I worried about my kids so I ran home. I can’t stay at my house anymore and I can’t sleep at night. I have a baby boy in my hand; I could not find a safe place to go with them until I found KOFAVIV. They helped me find a place outside the city to take my kids until the violence ends.


Haiti0418000I take care of 6 children by myself because their father died. I went to the streets to pick up plastic bottles to sell so I could care for my kids. Bandits with weapons came to my house and broke all that I had in the house. They beat me, and ever since then then I have a sore stomach because of a big kick in my stomach. I left home because I don’t want them to come back and kill me with the children. At first I was able to sleep with my kids in a friend’s house but, I wasn’t able to be in the house when she wasn’t there so we’d have to be on the streets all day. We needed a new place to stay.


Haiti0418003I live in the Grand Ravine with my 2 sons. Every day and every night I had to move to a different home. Children are crying because I’m running with them. Every time we turned around the area became incomprehensible to me.  These bandits have no fear of the police and the day is full with shooting. With these bandits in Grand Ravine, its only a matter of time before we’re going to be raped and tortured. The bandits even call my phone as they go into my home. Because I was making a living by doing laundry at my home, now I can’t find a place where I can afford it. KOFAVIV helped me find a new place for now.



My name is Marie and I’m from Grand-Raven, where I grew up since I was small. I have been subjected to many acts of violence in the area. I have 2 children, one son and one daugther, who live with me in this very difficult time. Bandits in the area of ​​killed my husband and violated my sister. These villians also tried to attack me, but I escaped with only the clothes on my back. My child cannot go to school because he is hiding with me. The bandits are still using my home as a base.


Haiti0418005My name is Roselène I’m 33 years old. I have a child living with me and mysister in the neighborhood called Village of God. I have been subjected to extensive violence in the area because of these ​​bandits who came to my home. They violated my sister and tried to violate me too.  They beat me and I am in the streets now, and I cannot return to my house.


While these women were all subjected to violence and fear that will be difficult to heal from, thanks to your support they have been removed from this immediate danger for now. With your continued support, we will bring them back home when the violence is under control and help them rebuild their lives.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation, especially Sam Cardella and our friends at World Wings, for making this emergency rescue possible.