Our Global Associate in the Philippines, Dr. Susana Anayatin brings us up to date on plans for newly restored water wells in the four primary municipalities she and her team are working in within Maguindanao. 

Specifically, the commitment for the school year 2016-17 is to have ten fully restored water pumps in each municipality, for a targeted number of 40 total by the end of the school year. This is an ambitious plan, but in-line with previous years numbers.

To accomplish the goal, already in this calendar year, we have released installation materials to South Upi – the first of four targeted municipalities.

We are happy to report that those schools that have already been beneficiaries of the water pump restoration project in previous years, have seen the majority of their pumps still in good function and delivering clean water supplies to their communities. See the full map here

Below is a brief status update to each of the four municipalities: 

1. Buldon:

As per confirmation with the PTA, TIC and district supervisor of the West District, Buldon is ready for installation. The PTA started digging for the installation of the hand pump. Individual schools which will be serviced in Buldon are waiting for the scheduled release of the materials. For the East District, the district supervisor will be confirming if the schools already prepared the needed counterparts.

2. Datu Saudi Uy Ampatuan:

As discussed with MPDC, final discussion with the municipal and school administrators will be conducted and they have already extended invitations to the Institute and our volunteers to the handover ceremony. This will provide the opportunity for the Mayor to oversee the actual ceremony and allow for a photo opportunity of the actual installation in one or two schools. Schedules will be provided as they are confirmed. 

3. Matanog:

The mobilization of additional materials and installation costs still needs to be discussed with the Mayor and the barangay chairperson. Discussions with the MPDC have already been made and met with their approval.

4. South Upi:

Per feedback from the district supervisor, the schools within the district are digging for the installation and as mentioned earlier, materials have been fully released and the process is underway. We are still waiting for further feedback from our colleagues that have been deployed to South Upi for verification on the status of the installation. With South Upi and all the municipalities, we will be updating the status of progress as we enter the next stages. 


[quote]The generosity by those who support us as we continue to share our stories of struggle and progress online, are the lifeblood to what we do.”[/quote]


It is worth reminding all those who follow our progress in Maguindanao, that the ongoing effort to bring clean water to the schools and communities of the province, would have been a lot more difficult without the power of social media – and the support made possible by you. The generosity by those who support us as we continue to share our stories of struggle and progress online, are the lifeblood to what we do. Please share our progress with your friends and colleagues – join us in our fight to solve the water crisis in Maguindanao!