You can help Former Child Soldiers in Uganda take control of their future

We are excited to announce that this upcoming August our colleagues at Anorak Denmark will travel to Uganda to support our team of former child soldiers in Gulu who are creating their own reintegration and prevention organization so they can make their own decisions and take control of their own futures.

 As a champion for these kinds of grassroots solutions, you have unique opportunity to help us in this campaign.  With one click to our INDIEGOGO generosity page, you can help:

  1. Support the direct and sustained engagement of former child soldiers in all aspects of the work; from setting priorities and designing programs to management and evaluation.
  2. Meet the basic daily needs of education, health care, nutrition, shelter and employment for ex-child soldiers and children impacted by the violence.
  3. Support the coordination of prevention and reintegration services to improve efficiency and bridge the existing organizations and initiatives in the region.
  4. Help the collaboration with government ministries and departments to monitor, improve and shape the implementation of policies that impact ex-child soldiers.
  5. Facilitate the sharing of information, tools and insights gained through the creation of this organization to equip and inspire other grassroots partnerships for reintegration and prevention.


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How did this project get started?

A group of former Child Soldiers in Uganda has partnered with the Goldin Institute, the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative and Arigatou International over the past five years to organize and support youth leadership. These partners have already laid the foundation and now it is time to finalize the project and start the organization.

This partnership builds on the Goldin Institute’s work in 2007 in Colombia to establish a model national level platform for child soldier reintegration which has been sucessfully adopted to Uganda.

With your support, the ongoing work of the National Platform for Child Soldier Reintegration in Uganda will be fully driven by the former child soldiers themselves.

Your support will make a direct and meaningful contribution

Your donation will help us build on the successes of the last five years of organizing and bring this vision of a powerful new child soldier driven organization to reality. Your investment will enable expert organizational development facilitators to support the team in Gulu as well as complete the legal work and development to launch the organization. All funds that are donated beyond these start up costs will go directly to support local projects designed and run by former child soldiers in Uganda.