In our own efforts to try and get the word out about the plight of child soldiers, and the progress that is being made towards former young combatants we work with in returning to civil society – we’re always interested in new ways to connect with those who wish to help.

Visiting our website, you will find the personal stories of those involved in bringing attention to the issue, while they also work on sustainable and proven ways to create positive change in their communities, so that fomer child soldiers have opportunites for positive change in their own lives. Whether bringing you the ongoing project work we are doing in Colombia and Latin America with our two associates Lissette and Fr. Leonel, or updating you on the expansion of the successful national platform we helped develop with our colleagues on the ground in Uganda, we continue to explore ways to make a difficult story to tell, more compelling and personal to those who wish to make a difference by knowing the stories.    

With that in mind, we are excited about a ‘retelling’ and fresh way of letting you know about our work in child soldier reintegration. In coming weeks, we’ll look at ways to adapt a more personal approach to feature some of the key voices that have inspired us to stay committed to the issue.

Until then, we invite you to view the work by someone who is already telling the ordeal of the child soldier in a new way. With interactive storytelling, Marc Ellison and his graphic novel style communicates the plight of several former female child soldiers, but still conveys the hopefullness of those having the courage to tell their story. Ellison’s work is featured in this profile story. A link depicting the story of one of the former child soldiers (Christine) is at Ellison’s site

Image from Christine's Story.<br>Photo Credit: Marc Ellison