Recent interview provides inspiration and plans for future expansion of KOFAVIV

We recently caught up with Global Associate Malya Villard-Appolon, although not in Haiti running KOFAVIV as you would normally expect to see her, but in Philadelphia. Malya’s work to reduce all forms of violence perpetrated against women and girls living in camps and communities has made great strides but also put her in a volatile situation. Being the most visible advocate for justice for women who have been attacked has lead to her being forced to seek refuge in Philadelphia until she can safely return to Haiti. Although she is separated from family and forced to temporarily continue her important work from overseas, Malya is as brave and resolved as ever.

We are excited to share this interview with Malya where she speaks passionately and courageously about her work. A quick update of KOFAVIV’s work over the past two months reveals that twenty-five trained male agents now work in high risk areas to prevent violence and provide support when women are attacked. In addition, the organization’s call center is up and running. As a testament to its importance, within the 15 day period of April 15 to April 30, the center received 153 calls, two from victims of sexual violence, 104 calls for information and 47 calls for advice.

Malya and the KOFAVIV staff will continue, despite constant threats, to ensure the safety of those in their community and a brighter future for Haiti. In the video segment below, Malya speaks about continuing the fight against violence towards women and her plans and hope for the future, despite the personal setbacks suffered.

To find out more on how you can join Malya in the fight to end gender-based violence in Haiti, please follow this link.