New Generation of Leaders in Colombia Offers Hope

This story about the emerging leaders in Colombia, reminded us of how the best opportunities for ending the conflict—and healing wounds left behind—lies with young people who have lived through the violence and best understand the solutions. 

As the story reports on one group in particular making a difference in their community of Villavicencio called the Youth Roundtable: 

The Youth Roundtable engaged in numerous consultations with its members—who include youth from rural and urban areas, members of indigenous communities, displaced young people and other marginalized groups—to identify needs and propose solutions.

Lissette on left, along with fellow Global Associate Denis Okello and advisory board members, Akif and Sebastian at a recent ESPERE training in Mexico City.This is not unlike the Institute’s own peace building work in Colombia through Global Associate Lissette Mateus Roa’s work in the ESPERE project. Lissette continues to point the way towards young teachers, former combatants and community leaders providing the best hope for the country moving beyond the half-century long civil conflict and being in place to build on the promised peace treaty.

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