We have been following this week the proceedings out of New York and the hearing held in U.S. District Court yesterday.

The official press release from our colleagues at IJDH includes this statement from Mario Joseph, making a clear and simple case for victim’s rights and why the UN’s claim of immunity doesn’t stand to reason:

[quote]The UN spends lots of time and money telling our officials and citizens to respect the rule of law. Then it refuses to have the law apply to itself after killing thousands of Haitians. Does the UN think Haitians do not notice the double standard?

              – Mario Joseph, human rights attorney[/quote]

For a more complete summary of the arguments heard in the US District Court yesterday, including the testimony of Mario’s colleague – attorney Beatrice Lindstrom, follow this link. We will of course continue to cover the proceedings as they happen.

beatrice lindsrtom

Attorney Beatrice Lindstrom discusses the case against the UN over the cholera epidemic in Haiti. Photograph: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images